Squirrels’ Information

Squirrels’ Information

PE Days: Tuesday and Wednesday.

In addition to a t-shirt and shorts, please remember to provide plimsolls/trainers as well as jogging bottoms and a jumper for the Autumn term.

Thank you


We will continue to provide fruit for all children daily. They will also have the opportunity to purchase a snack from our school kitchen during morning play time. Please refer to menu (in book bags on Tuesday 5th) for prices.


Here are some links to some resources.  Please note not all the activities will be suitable for every child so please work with your child to find the best games and videos for them.

Phonics links

Phonics Play

Mr Thorne does phonics (you tube clips)

Alphablocks (CBeebies videos)

ICT games

BBC bitesize



Maths links

Counting games

Ordering Games

Adding and subtracting games

Teddy counting

Number bonds games

Hit the button

Matching pairs