Another year gone

Another year gone

Well we only have 2 days left at school.

What a year we’ve had… Halloween disco, Christmas fair, Tesco bag packing, loads of cake sales, book sales, summer fair, plus lots of other fund raising events.

Our little tadpoles are moving up a year or the little frogs moving on up to big school!!!!

The tadpoles and little frogs have all been brilliant in supporting the school at fund raising, Hampshire games and other sporting events.

I would like to mention all the staff of the school who don’t have the easiest of jobs looking after our little ones but do it in an amazing way, pushing them to learn new skills and improve existing skills.

Also there are those FROGS who meet every so often down the pub or at school to organise amazing events from baking cake to outstanding fairs. Well done to all those parents who give up their time to help improve the school’s facilities for your children.

As for next year… I have heard the FROGS have things planned already, and as for me….???

I’m sure I will be here to write a lots more rubbish!!

Have a great summer everyone.

The Big Frog



Can someone please put some water in my pond!!!

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